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Forward ("Stuff I Couldnít Figure Out How to Cover in the Story")

     Iíll try to explain where I came up with the title for this work. While getting ready to start this project, I thought I would read a little bit about the life and times of the period I chose as a beginning. I found, in reading about England in the late 1700ís and early 1800ís, that the English noblemen were pretty ruthless in the collection of what they thought were reasonable taxes on the common man. After all, they protected their subjects from the other noblemen, meted out justice, and all sorts of other needed functions that the poor working class couldnít do for themselves. The noblemen were empowered by the King of England to collect the taxes within their Shire (or county). The King, also provided that a nobleman could appoint someone to collect the taxes and, if need be, evict and take possession of the property of anyone not paying the taxes. This appointed tax collector become known as the Shire Reeve. Today, we call him the Sheriff.
     Considering that I found this tidbit of information to be fascinating, you could rightly assume that I donít get out very much.

     The method to my madness. In other words, the order in which I am presenting this information. Keep in mind that, in genealogy, there isnít really a beginning or an end. So, where to start and where to end, became the first decision I had to make.
     I noticed that the generation which contained my great-great-grandparents was the earliest generation in which I could name them all. So, I decided that would be the starting point. The end would be my parents generation. That decision was totally arbitrary.

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